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Stated Income Mortgage

Stated Income / Low Doc / No Doc Mortgage Loans

Are You Self-Employed? Are You Concerned For A Mortgage Loan Pre-qualification?  Have You Been Declined By A Bank or Broker?

We have great respect for self-employed customers like you who worked so hard to contribute to our economy to grow. We know the difficulties to get a loan approval when you are looking to purchase a home. In order to make your process as smooth and streamlined as possible, American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc is offering several loan program including 12-24 months bank statements, W2 only, assets verification based mortgage loan, and high DTI (Loan To Income) ratio to help counteract these issues. We offer a Bank Statement Program for self-employed borrowers as well as those whose employment histories and tax returns may not reflect their viability for a mortgage.

All types of Alt-A loans:

  • Stated income-stated asset loans (SISAs) allow the borrower to state their income without verification by the lender. These products are also known as liar loans.
  • No Doc Loan doesn't require income verification from the borrower. This type of loan is instead approved on a declaration that confirms the borrower can afford the loan payments.
  • Low Doc Loan (low doc) requires very little information on borrowers. Lenders often extended these loans purely on their client's credit scores.
  • No Income-No Asset (NINA). These mortgage programs do not require the borrower to disclose income or assets as part of loan calculations. However, the lender does verify the borrower's employment status before issuing the loan.
  • NINJA loans, a slang term used for credit extended to a borrower with no income, no job, and no assets. This loan ignores the verification process.

Program Details:

  • Personal or business bank statements (12-24 months)
  • No tax returns required
  • Borrow up to 90% of the value of the home (12-24 Months)
  • One month statement only to 75% LTV-680 credit
  • Gift checks are acceptable for a down payment
  • Debt-to-income ratio up to 90% LTV
  • Stated or no document loans up to $5 million
  • For primary, secondary homes, and investment properties
  • All types of properties including non-warrantable condominiums
  • 30-year fixed-rate — no pre-payment penalty
  • Minimum 600 credit score with higher LTV 

If you need a fast pre-approval letter, please click apply to fill out the short application. You may also able to upload your bank statements and necessary documents under Uploader Tab. We would love to help you to purchase or refinance your next home.


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