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Jumbo Loans

A loan is considered a Jumbo loan if it exceeds what is known as the conforming limit. The current conforming loan limit for a single-family home is $510,400 (depending on area). With a Jumbo loan, you will get low rates for your large loan. Offering a choice between fixed and adjustable rates, our Jumbo loans offer maximum flexibility for home financing in larger loans.

At American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc. we are offering Jumbo loans which are set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The average interest rates on Jumbo mortgages are typically higher than conforming mortgages, although not based primarily on credit risk. You can also look at our alternative loan programs like "Lite Docs",  "Bank Statement Program", "Non- Prime Mortgage Loans" for loan qualification.  If you need a residential loan from $510,400 to $5,000,000; please contact us now. We can take you to step by step to make home-buying fast and simple. We can offer a comparative interest rate when you have excellent credit and income.

Here are few product highlights:

  • ARM or fixed Jumbo loan up to $5M nationwide
  • New home construction loan up to $3M
  • 90% LTV with no MI option available up to $1.5M
  • Full doc, lite doc, stated income, W2 income only, or assets only loan program
  • Credit score as low as 580
  • No limits on properties- cash flow rental income loan program
  • Alternative and non-prime Jumbo loan program

We would strongly recommend you to fill out the complete application online application and send us your financial documents to review. We will provide a pre-qualification letter before you start home shopping. 


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