Credit Consultation

At Allied First Bank, we work closely with the Borrowers to repair and build the credit and help them to purchase a home with comparable market rate. Our experienced team is processing the mortgage loan accordingly and helping the borrowers to move into their dream home. As an aggressive Bank, we handle tough loans even after bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, slow credit, new credit or multiple properties ratio problem. We are helping customers with as low as 500 credit score.

Millions of consumer have credit problem due to our last mortgage crunch. Peoples are scared to look at their credit score due to bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, collections, judgement or any other reason. If you are planning to buy a home again or have been declined from a bank due to the credit or income shortage, you are at the right place!!!

We are offering FREE CREDIT REPORT AND CONSULTATION to our consumers. We don’t sell your information rather than using it for mortgage loan qualification. It does not matter how much time it requires, we will stay with you as long as necessary. We can advise you to build a credit or clean up to rescore to qualify for a mortgage loan.

Please fill up all the "Complete Application" by clicking the following link and write a note in the last paragraph about your credit history and reason to check your credit. One of our Associates will help you to move forward. You need to fill up all * (star) mark to continue the application. You can choose any types of loan/ terms or comparable interest rate based on your credit history at this time. We can always revise the application and find the best loan for you. If you have any question, please
contact us.